DSS Curriculum | IFIP Working Group 8.3: Decision Support Systems

WG8.3 Task Force on DSS Curriculum

Chairs of the Task Force: Frederic Adam and David Paradice
FAdam@afis.ucc.ie; dparadice@cob.fsu.edu

The IFIP WG8.3 Task Force on DSS Curriculum was created at the Bi-annual conference of the working group in London in July 2006. The group produced a report and held an open comprising session of 3 papers at the CDM08 conference.

At the 2008 WG8.3 business, task force members presented the result of their work in the form of a report titled “Towards the Formalisation of the Decision Support Systems Domain – Investigating the Decision Support Systems Curriculum” (
http://girtab.ucc.ie/fadam/DSS_CURRICULUM_task_force.htm) which explores some avenues for a professionalization of the role of the DSS expert, At this meeting, it was also decided that the Task Group would continue to work towards a database of material, skills and topic (knowledge reservoir) a prototype for which has been developed iteratively by the team led by David Paradice (co-chair of the task force). The prototype (http://miswd.cob.fsu.edu/DSSCurriculum/index.asp) was presented at the Lisbon event in July 2010 and WG8.3 members are invited to upload material into the database.