Maria Miskedaki runs a restaurant in Ormos Marathocamos, Samos island, Greece
The restaurant is located on the promenade behind the fishermen's quai
the telephone number is +302273037037
Many of Maria's paintings are on display at the restaurant
You are very welcome to make a visit to have a drink with Maria or a meal in the restaurant
The Blue Beads is Maria's restaurant sign:

Once upon a time, in the land of infinite sea and sun,
the goddesses planted beads of their wisdom in the garden of the ocean...
The pebbles of knowledge made roots and crafted the Aegean as we see it today:
full of islands and fishing boats.
The story goes that the pebbles were as blue as the ocean's eyes..


Maria's restaurant menu board

Maria with her fisherman brother, Manolis, on the restaurant's terrace
Terrace with Manolis740