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About us

The Mediterranean Community is a SME Cluster and Business Networking organisation based in Samos and registered in Greece as a not-for profit organisation. It has an active individual and corporate membership networked through the Mediterranean region, and other EU counties, with its own “Sustainable Tourism” Innovation Cluster, and “Mediterranean Community” Facebook group The Mediterranean Community has a mission that embraces the economic development of the Mediterranean area while preserving the richness of the Mediterranean coastline in terms of history, culture and natural environment. The goal is to enable the local communities of the Mediterranean Sea to preserve and balance their historical and cultural heritage, while at the same time develop and promote both, sustainable and innovative commercial or cultural operations. Hence the Mediterranean Community aims to promote and support contemporary creative and ecologically aware initiatives, founded on our ancient cultural inheritance and ancient achievements, bringing people from many countries to participate in these activities, in Mediterranean maritime areas. Moreover, the Mediterranean Community will support organizational cluster building and communal networking partnerships that contribute towards these goals.

Organisational Structure

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The Mediterranean community Core Team comprises the four Partners.The core team is responsible for the projects and initiatives pursued by the organisation towards accomplishing its mission. They are responsible for running the Mediterranean Community Centre, both actual (in Samos) and virtual (on-line) and coordinating the Mediterranean Community Sustainable Tourism Innovation Cluster. They promote and agree to accept membership of individuals, enterprises and organisations wishing to share and contribute to the projects, initiatives and objectives of The Mediterranean Community.

The Mediterranean Community’s successful endeavours also rely on its benefactors, organisations and individuals who contribute to the development, well-being and effective operation of the Mediterranean Community, as well as on its International Advisory Group comprised by international experts in fields relevant to the mission, projects and initiatives of the Mediterranean Community.