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Professor Patrick Humphreys

Patrick Humphreys is Partner in the Mediterranean Community,. He is also Professor Emeritus at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Between 2010 and 2013 he led the LSE RTD team and the Evaluation Work package on the EU FP7 CADIC project (“Cross-enterprise assessment and development of Intellectual Capital”). Previously he directed the project “Creative Partnerships: Pathways to Value” for the Arts Council England and led RTD team for the European Union Framework 6 Project “ InCaS: Intellectual Capital Statement, Europe”.
He was Director of the EU DG1 ALFA Network "CHICA" (Community Health Information, Communication and Action), linking research projects and training of researchers in UK, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Peru and Cuba. He has directed, for the British Council and the UK Department for International Development, Regional Academic Partnerships on Organisational Development with Novosibirsk State University and Regional Development with Kaliningrad State University, Russia). Between 1997 and 1999. He directed the project SaRA (Salud reproductiva para Adolescentes) in Peru for the UK Department for International development and the EU DG V funded project on evaluation of the World Health Organization's Healthy Cities Project in Europe. He has expertise in innovative and creative decision-making, decision support systems, and enhancement of resources for health, culture, development, and networking. He has been involved in initiatives on organisational transformation and sector development in many countries. He is a past chair of IFIP WG8.3 and holds IFIP's Silver Core Award. He is the International Chairman of the International Creative Industries Alliance (ICIA), China.

Ms Eirini Skouta
Eirini Skouta is Partner in the Mediterranean Community, . She has a MA in Education from Kingston University, UK, and is also a freelancer in language education with a private practice in Samos, Greece. Between 2010 and 2013 she was the Greek Country Coach of the LSE team on the EU FP7 CADIC project (“Cross-enterprise assessment and development of Intellectual Capital”).

Dr Stamatis Skoutas

Stamatis Skoutas is Partner in the Mediterranean Community. and Research Associate at the, Department of Information & Communication Systems Engineering, University of the Aegean. Previously he was the Director of Director of the Health Centre of Samos, Karlovasi, Samos, Greece, Chairman of the Aegean Institute of Health and Vice-president of EURIPA (European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association) . He has participated as senior researcher on He has participated as senior researcher on primary health care issues in the AIM Q.U.I.C.H.E project - Quality Assurance of User Informatics for Child Health in Europe. Telematics Services for Islands, EU Tele-Insula programme (UR 1026) and the EU DG5 DISCUS project (1998-2001)
He has organised annual seminars on health education and prevention of major health problems of health for EU DGXIII, including Seminars on Cardiac Health in the Aegean, - Seminars on Health Education in Samos and Seminar on Prevention of Cancer, Samos, He has organised scientific events on local development, including: The Future of Samos, Conference, Samos (1995); Challenge of Research on Island Development Samos (1998;) He has participated in the WHO/Euro/Regions for Health Network in Europe as the Greek National representative.

Miroslav Babenko
Miroslav Babenko is Partner in the Mediterranean Community and Senior App developer at Real Time. He has a MSc in retail management from the university of Brighton and is experienced in working in Livecode on Mac OS, Windows PC, IOS and Android platforms. He is currently developing the App "What’sAshore: Who'sAround", to integrate many kinds of support for maritime tourists exploring Ancient Mediterranean Ports, and enabling them to connect with each other and resource providers ashore.