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This initiative of the Mediterranean Community is developing a Flow Grid for the Amfilissos River Area in the Greek island of Samos; an area rich in ecological and cultural heritage, together with a compendium of projects and a CADIC SME cluster respecting and enriching the Flow Grid in the context of creative an sustainable development . Click to read more

STAMP European Strategic Cluster Partnership
The Mediterranean Community has formed a European Strategic Cluster Partnership Sustainable Tourism – Ancient Mediterranean Ports (STAMP) with three other Cluster and Business Networking Organisations in the Eastern Mediterranean region: This ESCP will develop innovation clusters of SME’s engaged in promoting and making a living from maritime tourism incorporating Ancient Mediterranean Ports, located in Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Turkey. Click to read more

STAMP Project
STAMP – Sustainable Tourism – Ancient Mediterranean Ports” is a collaborative action between four Cluster and Business Networking Organisations in Italy, Cyprus, Malta and Greece. Planned to start in March 2017,and focussing on the local development of the STAMP model. Its products will include the What’sAshore: Who’sAround App supports resource providers through offering them creative (IT-based) support facilities to local SME’s in ports and harbours innovate to advertise their own products and services, presented in a way that is accessible and attractive to a wide audience of potential coastal and maritime tourism clients. Click to read more.

This initiative by members the Mediterranean Community aims to build a sailing boat with zero carbon footprint that can revitalise the Magna Graecia sailing routes for modern day adventurers and tourists The 23 metre passenger-carrying sailing boat will combine the best technological and design advances made in Samos ships, and ships visiting Samos through the ages, including state-of-the-art 21st century electrical technology. This initiative will be launched at the Samoscaft workshop held in Samos on 16-17 April 2016. Click to read more.

Transnational Maritime Itineraries
The development and exploitation of transnational maritime itineraries, (those encompassing and linking Ancient Mediterranean ports located in two or more of the eastern Mediterranean counties) are key factor in promoting a variety of tourism activities and facilities operated by SMEs in the areas of the ancient ports, effectively “putting them on the map”. Click to read more