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STAMP European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP)

The Mediterranean Community has formed a European Strategic Cluster Partnership Sustainable Tourism – Ancient Mediterranean Ports (STAMP) with three other Cluster and Business Networking Organisations in the Eastern Mediterranean region: Confindustria Vibo Valentia, (Italy); Synthesis-center, (Cyprus) and Across Limits, (Malta), They are now aiming to exptend this ESCP to intensify cluster and business networking across borders to stimulate the development of innovation clusters of SME’s engaged, across borders and sectorial boundaries, in promoting and making a living from maritime tourism incorporating Ancient Mediterranean Ports, located in Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Turkey. Many of these ports lie along the route of the Maritime Silk Road, shown in yellow in the map below.

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Ancient Mediterranean Ports in Italy Malta, Greece, and Cyprus connected by the Maritime Silk Road

The STAMP ESCP’s fundamental motivation is to promote and maintain sustainable maritime tourism in synergy with local development of facilities and resources of interest to maritime tourists in areas where ancient Mediterranean ports are located. The Innovation Cluster initiatives do not rely upon non-sustainable (and carbon-emission generating) forms of transport, and does not depend on growth of conventional ”package tours” (including package air flights or extensive coach or car journeys) – as they aim to attract tourists who will use boats for transport and leisure (own boat, hire boat, flotilla, trip boat). When ashore, tourists will be encouraged to explore locally on foot, by bicycle, etc., using the facilities provided by the local SME’s.

The STAMP ESCP will also promote internationalisation of its sustainable tourism model, SME cluster development and business networking, toward strategic third countries beyond Europe (and enabling them to contribute to new value chains, enabling them to take a leading position globally in Sustainable Tourism. To this end the Mediterranean Community is currently forming initial agreements with specific Cluster and Business networking organizations in Peru, Chile, Colombia and China where the Chinese government is eager to promotes collaborations with the European Mediterranean counties adjacent to the route of the “Maritime Silk Road” where the STAMP ESCP partners are based.