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Our mission

The mission of the Mediterranean Community is to preserve and promote the history, culture and natural environment of Mediterranean communities and make use of them in such ways that development may be brought to areas, both individually and collectively. Hence the Mediterranean Community aims to promote and support contemporary creative and ecologically aware initiatives, founded on our ancient cultural inheritance and ancient achievements bringing people from many countries to participate in these activities in Mediterranean maritime areas. Moreover, the Mediterranean Community will support organizational cluster building and communal networking partnerships, to help vanquish the deadly problems threatening the physical and social fabric of the culture of the Mediterranean area, as to not bequeath them to the future generations.

Our objectives and scope of work

The Mediterranean Community’ objectives extend in a range of directions, always aiming to sustain, promote and bring alive in the 21st century the 3 main parameters that constitute the uniqueness of the Mediterranean Sea, namely history, culture and natural environment. The objectives include:
  • Collectively exploring new business niches, focussing on the special resources found in the Mediterranean and as yet under developed
  • Linking small business together to facilitate returns to scale
  • Promoting innovations, which support the historical Mediterranean heritage and can be exploited commercially in way that prove and promote its cultural and ecological aspects.
  • Initiating ways of using new technologies that can link remote rural areas, by developing new, appropriate digital apps for relevant purposes specific for the Mediterranean communities
  • Motivating the Mediterranean communities to exploit their history, culture and natural environment.
  • Promoting trading in locally produced products within the Mediterranean region to expand local production.
  • Forming networks that will enable cultural, scientific and social exchange among ancient cities and ports
  • Supporting recreational activities and cultural events among ports-cities, which can preserve the cultural and historical elements of each area
  • Motivating local associations to organise regattas and tours whose itineraries focus on the Ancient Mediterranean Ports
  • Embedding the Historical Mediterranean Routes like the Maritime Silk Road in leisure or training and creative activity, to promote history, culture and preservation of the natural environment
  • Organizing online documentation of subjects and topics covering history, culture and ecology in the Mediterranean
  • Writing and publishing Historical Water Pilots that may assist sailors to follow the routes once sailed by our forefathers and hence, enable entrepreneurs to expand on this activity within innovative tourist itineraries.
  • Establishing conferences, conventions or workshops that further the Mediterranean Community’s goals and objectives.

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