Mediterranean Community Events

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Dear friends and associates: the Philosophical Symposium Samos 28-29 April 2017 is now in the second phase of its preparation. The program of the symposium will be performed is both the small towns of Samos: Vathi and Karlovassi.

Vathi (Samos) Friday 28th at 18.00 in the auditorium of the municipal hall.
Bureau Professor Andreas Papasaloúros

18.00 Greetings:
A. Aegean University Professor, Dean Efstratios Prassídis
B. Municipality of Samos, The Mayor: Michalis Angelopoulos
18.30 Speech: Xenophon Moussas: "Antikythera Mechanism and…"
19.30 Award of medal to astrophysicist X Moussas from the Municipality of Samos
19. 45 introduction to the program of Ancient Mediterranean Ports:, Rapporteur Dr Stamatis Skoútas
20.15 Twinning culture of Samos, rapporteur Mayor M. Angelopoulos
20.45 debate

Karlovassi, Saturday at 10.00 in the auditorium of the Municipality (former Karlovassi)
Bureau teacher Mrs. Maria Karida

10.00 Greetings
10.15 Speech: Stamatis Skoútas: "Human Physio-poisies" (Harmony Man, nature, technology)
11.00 Speech: Theodore Panagiotópoulos "Issue with ethics in technology"
11.30 Musical Interlude
12.00 Keynote speech: Prof. Xenophon Moussas “the Antikythera mechanism”
15.00 debate - end symposium

Launch Event: Piracy in the Renaissance: The story of Nicolo Saraceno: 17 February 2016

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A beautiful cultural evening was enjoyed by members and friends of NOTK (Sailing Group Tzitzifies Kallithea) on Wednesday February 17, 2016 at the group's facilities in Kallithea, Greece.

Mounted under the auspices of NOTK, the event involved the presentation of the book of Ion Aegiali titled "From Piracy in the Renaissance, the story of Nicolo Saraceno”, This was followed by a discussion about an international sailing program based on Ancient Mediterranean Ports that would be implemented this season on The event was organised jointly by the Mediterranean Community, the Publishing Company "Poiites-Creators" and Aanadrasis International Cultural Centre

The author of the book, Stamatis Skoutas (pen name Ion Aegiali) introduced the book, followed by contributions from Theodoros Angelopoulos from the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and Regional Councillor of Attica in tourism; Elijah Demirtzoglou, President of the Anadrasis International Cultural Centre’s “International Philosophical Forum” and and artistic director of the Andrasis theater group and Leonikos Kalachoras, the publisher and editor of the book.
The moderator was NOTK’s Superintendent of Public Relations, journalist Kelly Pavlidou.

Then the Anadrasis theatre group made a voyage through the text of the book “From piracy in the Renaissance" under the direction of Memi Anastasopoulou with musical accompaniment by, Alexander Psycha and Marietta Deloti.

Nikolos Saraceno, the hero of the book, confronts a tragic but glorious era inspired writer Ion Aegiali. During solitary sailing voyages in the Mediterranean Sea and the author recorded a travelogue and philosophical essay in the shadow of Pythagoras. Ion Aegiali, in his travelogue, writes of dreams and hopes for the universe to live once again with the measure of harmony between man, nature and technology.