Spritivity Projects in East London and Beijing
for Students at Secondary School Level

The Spritivity Secondary School Programme between RDFZ School in Beijing and Stoke Newington School in London provided a good opportunity for students to share and exchange their thoughts regarding concepts and practice of architecture situated in their local contexts. Students developed projects employing Spritivity ideas to explore, in innovative and creative ways, instantiations of mathematical concepts that were grounded in material edifices with rich archiectural, social and cultural references.

In Beijing, a Mathematics class of 13-14 year-old students at RDFZ school explored instances of the abstract concept of Symmetry in the rich context of the structure and contents of the Yuan Ming Yuan Gardens.

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In London, a Mathematics class of 13-14 year old students at Stoke Newington Secondary School, Hackney, explored material instantiations of the abstract concept of the Golden Ratio in the rich context of the architecture and exhibits of the British Museum.

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In each case, a group of students visted the locations, photographing and video-recording particular aspects of the groundings for the instantiations which they considered to be of particular significance for their individidual projects. They then analysed, in creative ways, the architectural, social and cutural references that they detected in these groundings, through creating multimedia productions on the PowerPoint platform. The individual productions were exchanged within the whole class and were collectively explored as rich contexts for sprite characterization and devlopment.