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The Mediterranean Community is a novel, non-profit organization that aims to preserve the richness of the Mediterranean coastline in terms of history, culture and natural environment. The goal is to enable the local communities of the Mediterranean Sea to preserve and balance all those characteristics as to form a sustainable social and natural environment and thus, enhance and encourage both, sustainable and innovative commercial or cultural operations that not only respect their region, but also develop and promote it. The parameters that may enhance such a development are the historicity of each area, its cultural characteristics and its natural environment.


Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans are but a few of the multiple ancient civilizations that settled in, thrived and sailed the broader Mediterranean Sea area. The various ruins and archeological findings bear testimony of the rich historical heritage with a variety of more than 1000 sites that have been presently identified as ancient harbours, coves or seaside settlements. Hence history plays a crucial role in terms of commercial and cultural development.

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According to an old popular saying “Culture comes from the sea”. History has shown that in the case of the broader Mediterranean area, this has been proven to take place since the far past to the present day. In antiquity, a harbour was the key area of communication, trade and defence of a city. The ships that left the ancient ports crossed the Mediterranean Sea, transporting goods and people, along with ideas and customs. This entire life network is the historical and cultural background of contemporary societies of the Mediterranean coastal towns and, in historical sequence, of the entire western civilization. So, if we are to accept that today’s cultural setting of the Mediterranean is the “continuity” of ancient civilizations, then ancient ports and settlements should be the foundation of modern society culture and enterprise.

Natural Environment
The Mediterranean coastline presents a wealth of morphological and geological features, thus offering a wide variety of fauna and flora and in turn providing the ideal setting for a variety of activities. Still, both land and marine environment are in many cases under the constant threat of human exploitation that does not fully respect them, or the prospects that they can provide.
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