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Trans-National Maritime Itineraries

The development and exploitation of transnational maritime itineraries, (are key factor in promoting a variety of tourism activities and facilities operated by SMEs from the Mediterranean Community’s Innovation Cluster in the areas of the ancient ports, effectively “putting them on the map” and greatly increasing awareness of their attraction to tourists from all the countries involved in the itinerates, as well as providing a magnet for maritime tourism for clients in other European countries (especially those of northern Europe), and further afield, attracted by the historical, cultural, and ecological content of  transnational maritime tourism itineraries enriched through publicity, information and experiential products generated through the exploitation of cultural historical and navigation resources made available to SMEs in the Cluster by the Mediterranean Community.

In this way the experiences gained by maritime tourists following these itineraries are enriched through opportunities for active exploration of the local facilities, culture and history of the Ancient Mediterranean ports offered by the Mediterranean Community SME Cluster.

An example of transnational maritime itineraries already tried and tested by the Mediterranean Community is the itinerary linking Samos (Eastern Aegean and Crotone), documented sailed single-handed by Mediterranean Community Partner Dr. Stamatis Skoutas in 2014.

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